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Northchapel Parish Council


    Northchapel Parish Council welcomes you to this web page, which is designed to bring you the opportunity to view Parish Council documents which include; Agendas, Meeting Minutes & general parish information.

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Planning Meeting

    The next planning meeting has been arranged for Saturday 16 December 2017. The venue is St Michaels Church in Northchapel, and will commence at 09.30hrs. The general public are encouraged to attend the meeting.

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PC Financial Documents (Transparency Policy)

Northchapel Village Plan

    The following (downloadable) document produced by NPC, provides an overiew of our village and community.

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Who is on your Parish Council and meeting dates scheduled for 2016.

The Precept

    The precept is the amount Northchapel raises directly and collected through the Council tax. The precept for the financial year 2017/2018 remains at £30,000.

Future Parish Council Meeting Dates

    Monday 3rd July 2017
    Monday 4th September 2017
    Monday 6th November 2017
    Monday 4th December 2017 (precept only meeting)
    Monday 8th January 2018
    Monday 5th March 2018
    Monday 7th May 2018 (AGM)

    NORTHCHAPEL PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS: Monday 04 September 2017 Northchapel Parish Council Meeting commencing 8pm at the Village Hall, Pipers Lane.

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    Parish Council Planning Meeting

    There are regular Parish Council Planning Meetings throughout the year. Take an interest in your community, and have your say! The next meeting will take place on Saturday 16th December 2017. The venue is St Michaels Church, commencing 9.30am. The general public are welcome to attend the meeting.


    Planning Meetings

    Planning meetings are an important part of the duties undertaken by the village parish council. These meetings help shape and protect the village now and for years to come. The parish council welcome all input from residents of the village, and always use the opinions and information gained as a basis for all decision making.


    Northchapel Village Hall Lottery

    This is an exciting way to raise funds for the Village Hall. For information on how to play, please contact Gaye Jordan on 01428 707813


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